Sustainable SEL is a systems approach for social and emotional learning that extends well beyond the classroom to provide the vision, structures and supports needed to educate the whole child.  This means creating a culture for SEL, one that empowers school and community stakeholders to sustain a safe, secure and engaging learning environment. 

Sustainable SEL is a resource for educators, families and citizens alike who wish to learn, collaborate and share best practices for schools grounded in social and emotional learning. 


The Power of Welcoming Rituals

Think back to that special teacher from your childhood. What made them so special? It likely wasn’t what they were teaching, it was how and why they were teaching. It was that bond, that connection, that feeling you had walking into the classroom that allowed you to learn and grow. Creating that same feeling you had as a child is intentional and takes effort, albeit one that is well worth the investment as quality teacher-pupil relationships have been consistently linked t

School Climate: Your Rock Foundation

So you're thinking your school has a good vibe. Kids appear to be happy. Parents are relatively engaged. Staff seem fairly upbeat. You're good, right? Maybe not. Absent a stakeholder team to ensure climate is a priority, the foundation of your school just may be built on sand. The moment an external force pushes down a “new” initiative or budget cuts mean working more with less, the foundation may just wash away. School climate is not an add on. It’s not something to t

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