Sustainable SEL is a systems approach for social and emotional learning that extends well beyond the classroom to provide the vision, structures and supports needed to educate the whole child.  This means creating a culture for SEL, one that empowers school and community stakeholders to sustain a safe, secure and engaging learning environment. 

Sustainable SEL is a resource for educators, families and citizens alike who wish to learn, collaborate and share best practices for schools grounded in social and emotional learning. 


School Climate: Your Rock Foundation

So you're thinking your school has a good vibe. Kids appear to be happy. Parents are relatively engaged. Staff seem fairly upbeat. You're good, right? Maybe not. Absent a stakeholder team to ensure climate is a priority, the foundation of your school just may be built on sand. The moment an external force pushes down a “new” initiative or budget cuts mean working more with less, the foundation may just wash away. School climate is not an add on. It’s not something to t

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